Starting out with an update

Presently I'm trying to complete two papers left over from last fall semester before this fall semester starts: one on F.P. Ramsey and the Frege-Geach problem, and one on the compatibility of minimalism about truth, minimalism about truth aptitude, and expressivism in ethics. The former has blown up on me once (last winter) and had a near meltdown recently. The latter is a big job and, given that I'm making progress at a crawl, I doubt I'll be meeting my goal to finish it before September.

The problem is, as always, that having already had my bright idea, I am quite content with myself at that: I don't feel any great need to write it up. (When the bright idea turns out to be not so bright after all, as in the Ramsey paper of last winter, I go from unmotivated to disillusioned.) This grad school thing isn't going to work very well if I don't get beyond that.

Philosophy aside, big changes are afoot for my apartment: current flatmate, Mark, is soon off to do a Ph.D. in computer science at Penn; new flatmate, Mike, is coming to NYC to make a rabbi of himself at YCT. We're still looking for a third to share the big room with Mike and lower my share of the monthly rent. I think we have a promising prospect and should know for certain by the end of the week. In any case, I intend the place to remain all poshed out whoever moves in.

Beyond all that, coming back to New York only to be cooped up in my apartment trying to do work after spending a month in Chicago with sun and lake views (thanks to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and my mom) has induced serious bicycle cravings. Please may my dad's old apartment get sold soon so I'll have the money for it... and an iBook. I'm convinced they'd make for a healthier, happier, and more productive me. If the iPod could do it, why can't they?


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