As if their music wasn't disgusting enough...

"The Dave Matthews Band's reputation for being environmentally friendly (and perhaps a trifle bland) was soiled in early August. The Illinois attorney general's office filed a civil lawsuit against the band and the driver of its tour bus for violating state water-pollution and public-nuisance laws, charging that the bus emptied its septic tank while driving across a grated bridge over the Chicago River. At that moment, 120 people on Chicago's Little Lady architecture tour were passing in a boat beneath the bridge, and about 80 of them were drenched with 800 pounds of raw sewage. The band has not been directly implicated in the incident. Its members have offered to provide DNA evidence to help determine the source of the sewage. No criminal charges have yet been filed."
[Quoted from The Economist's Chicago Breifing]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This just confirms so very many of my ...

Oh, wait. I don't have any preconceived notions of the Dave Matthews Band because every time their "music" comes on, I fall asleep.

Nevermind, carry on!

09 September, 2004 11:26  

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