Game 7

I believe. GO SOX!!!

I think Fenway deserves to have a world series win, don't you?


Blogger R. Scott Buchanan said...

At least this year we won't be in the same situation the Stanks were in a year ago, where they finished the marathon ALCS game 7, took a quick shower, and then went back out on the field to face the Marlins. Our bullpen deserves a little rest right now.

Plus, Fenway fans deserve to have actual food in the park. By the end of the ALCS, the peanut vendors were reduced from selling those big bags of fresh peanuts to the little airline bags of lightly salted grease balls. You couldn't find a hotdog with a block and a half (and that's if you're generous and call the things 7-11 sells "hotdogs").

BTW, Mumbles Menino has announced that the city may ban alcohol sales during the Series, following the rioting the other night which lead to the death of an Emerson College student.

22 October, 2004 11:06  

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