Washington Heights is Red Sox country

There is something very special about celebrating a World Series win by the Red Sox on the corner of 181st and St. Nicholas, surrounded by screaming, chanting Sox fans — a few Jews in a crowd of Dominicans alternating "Who's your pappy?", "Yankees suck!", and a few things in spanish I don't know the meaning of, with high 5s and hugs all around. A special shout out to the guy who ran by with the black coffin emblazoned with the Yankees logo and "R.I.P."! Judging by the bewildered looks on their faces, I think the firemen who rolled through in their truck to be greeted by a substantial crowd yelling "Yankees suck!" at them must have wondered where they were: "I don't think we're in New York anymore!" — You're not exactly: the Heights is Red Sox country.

The only question: When does Manny come home for his parade?

Congrats and thanks to the Sox and their fans. As far as I'm concerned, I'm proud to join such great fans in supporting a team that exemplifies so well what a baseball team ought to be and how a World Series win ought to be won. It's a privilege not to be happy your team won, but to be happy that particular group of guys won in the way they did.

After this, I'm wondering if the Messiah is going to show up? . . . or maybe the Blackhawks will win the Stanley Cup?? I suppose we'd need to play hockey before that can happen. . .


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