I have wounds. . .

. . . is this what it feels like to be sexy?

Or maybe this is just what it's like to experience god's sense of humor first hand: I'm supposed to go on a date tonight!

Short version: Another guy on a bike turned in front of me — didn't see me, he said — I couldn't avoid clipping his rear wheel, at which point my face had a brief encounter with the pavement. I didn't hit my head, I still have all my teeth and — thank god! — my bike wasn't damaged. Hey, my scrapes heal for free, but the bike doesn't!


Blogger R. Scott Buchanan said...

Welcome to the fellowship of serious cyclists (herein defined as anyone who values the paint job on their frame above the skin on their elbows).

08 November, 2004 09:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how did the date go? Oren wanted to know.

15 November, 2004 21:18  
Blogger ginsbu said...

Oh, the date was postponed: I was in no condition to go after the crash. It didn't turn out to be a good match anyway. Lucky for me I have no expectations to be disappointed in this regard.

On the other hand, apparently I was in fine philosophical condition, because I receive my first A+ from my prof on the weekly e-mail I had to write him that night. It would have been better, of course, if I had remembered to send it to him that night, instead of getting it all ready to go and then forgetting about it until I didn't receive it back as expected on Tuesday. I guess was more dazed than I realized at the time!

15 November, 2004 21:35  

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