Serene confidence

My prediction: Kerry's got it locked-up. Things may be close enough that absentee and provisional ballots need to be counted before a final result can be released, and that might allow some litigation to get started, but I'm confident that litigation will be made irrelevant once the final tallies are shown to be beyond "the margin of litigation" . . . or so I predict at any rate.

See the exit poll numbers and analysis from Slate, as well as comments (with numbers) from the Lockhart of the Kerry campaign. Also have a look at www.electoral-vote.com and election.princeton.edu for more reasons to think Kerry's got it.

As usual the major networks are filling airtime will what are now largely irrelevant preliminary returns. If there was ever a time to dump the news coverage in favor of a rerun marathon, this is it. Law & Order of Buffy anyone?

UPDATE: Looks like I may have to break out the backup plan: righteous indignation, welcome back my old friend.


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