I've long known that when I say someone is 'frum' I mean it pejoratively. When I just want to say that someone takes halachic judaism seriously, though, I often say they're 'Really Quite Frum'. (Thanks to Laura for pointing my usage out to me.) So there you have it: RQF — like FFB or BT but different! Spread the word and use it in health.

While you're at it, encourage the spread of 'The Help', 'all poshed out', 'beschmizzled', and 'them beans be chilly yo'!


Blogger R. Scott Buchanan said...

I think I'll give that last one a miss, thanks.

19 December, 2004 18:15  
Blogger ginsbu said...

Hey, you've got to change "cool beans" up with something!

19 December, 2004 18:46  
Blogger R. Scott Buchanan said...

I would if I ever said "cool beans." To the best of my knowledge, I've resisted this particular linguistic virus.

20 December, 2004 10:02  
Blogger ginsbu said...

Well, you're missing out on a good time, I'll have you know!

20 December, 2004 14:11  

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