With this hanging over me...

I'd surely get up in the morning:

Hayat Benchenaa's hanging radio alarm clock physically drags you out of bed.

Of course with the A train being f*cked for the foreseeable future, my every growing rage at the MTA might be just be enough to get me to class on time. I mean — what luck! — the semester I decide that taking 9:30am classes might actually be a really good idea!


Worth looking at...

Now that I'm back from my visit to Chicago, during which I did relatively little visiting on pain of papers falling due, here are a few things I stumbled across which are worth:

Specialization and Status in Philosophy
— an very informative analysis of data from the Philosophical Gourmet Report; I have yet to read through the full text of the paper, but so far my field seems to acquited itself pretty well. I may have something more to say once I get through it.

What You'll Wish You'd Known — I do wish I had: not that I've done so badly without the advice, but it might have saved me a few moments of doubt along the way. I think it's largely true, or at least good advice (no, they aren't the same thing). This might be the final proof that it's not impossible for techies to write well, but then again he also paints, so how much of a techie can he really be, hmmm?

Why Wilco Is the Future of Music — Lessig on another reason to love Wilco, as if their music wasn't enough! An aside: I've been listening to A Ghost is Born quite a bit recently (follow the link to see why Lessig likes them), and am really starting to appreciate it; "Hell is Chrome" is a particular favorite at the moment.