Battlefield Band

Just saw the Battlefield Band play for the first time tonight. Thanks to those who recommended them to me. They're playing the Boston tomorrow (Friday) night. You are hereby encouraged to attend.


Blogger R. Scott Buchanan said...

I'm taking hamlet to the show tonight. I've explained that, while I wasn't totally heartbroken when we missed Lunasa or Danu a few weeks back, even though I had tickets, that there will be blood in the streets tonight if I don't see this show. If she feels poorly, she should do it early in the day so I can find someone to take her ticket off my hands, otherwise, I'm going stag. Dammit!

BTW, Altan are touring again, and worth a look/listen if they end up in NYC any time this summer (it's not clear that they will... the last date they list currently is erev Pesach in Boston).

08 April, 2005 10:15  

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