Good news for philosophy at Brandeis

Philosophy department expands with two new faculty hires

Good news for students. Brandeis was a good place to study philosophy as an undergrad (small classes, about as much faculty–student interaction as you could ask for, and some excellent professors like Berger, Greenberg, Hirsch, & Samet — and Wong, but he's now on to bigger things at Duke); my experience there seems to have prepared me well enough for grad school. Beneath the surface though, there have been problems ongoing for some time within the faculty that I've become aware of. Thankfully these didn't affect my experience as a student, but they surely have an impact on the department's image in the eyes of the administration, and the happiness and productivity of department members. For a few years after Wong's departure (2000), it really looked as if the department was going downhill. (Fine books by Berger and by Greenberg were published during this period, however.) Hopefully these hires indicate that the administration hasn't been turned off from philosophy, and hopefully these new faculty members will elevate the level of faculty–faculty relations within the department on their arrival.


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