There goes keeping this thing quiet until I had something of substance to post —and, no, I won't be starting now: I've got papers to write!

At least I've been caught at a representative moment: not particularly insightful and with typos (now corrected... I think). Par for the course around here...

Addendum: Scanning stories in my RSS reader (NewsFire, recommended), I read Leiter's except of my post and though "my, that sounds like something I wrote" but I didn't recognize it until I followed the link back here: I saw the words but didn't believe they were mine. (Probably, I didn't recognize it since he was kind enough to correct the typos when he excerpted.) Something similar happens when I listen to call in radio shows: I'll hear the host announce "and now we go to Jeremy in New York", and I wonder if maybe it's me calling, and listen in closely to check. It's quite amazing how the obvious can slip right past you!


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