Paper on Horwich's UTM

I've handed in my final paper for Michael Devitt's class on meaning (which was quite enjoyable, and helpful to me personally to boot). No grade yet, but I think it's really quite good. It's on the account of the meaning of proper names in Paul Horwich's use theory of meaning (UTM). I had a bit of trouble choosing a title, but settled on "The Methodological Gap in UTM" since the paper is less a direct criticism of the fundamental commitments of Horwich's theory and more a demonstration that he doesn't say enough about the methodology for specifying meanings for individual names, particularly proper names, to show that UTM suceeds in giving meanings which are both justified according to semantic deflationism and not subject to Kripke-type objections. (Perhaps I'll post a proper abstract, if I get around to it.) There is a stronger version of the paper in the offing in which I will argue that his theory, within the bounds of strict semantic deflationism, does not have the resources to meet that double burden.


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