Press Coverage of the PGR

Brian Leiter responds to recent press coverage of the Philosophical Grourmet Report:
Leiter Reports: Chronicle of Higher Ed Story on PGR
Leiter Reports: Sleazy Journalism, English-Style

I don't know who to be more disappointed in, the CHE or the Economist: both show a tremendous ignorance of the realities of working in a farily clubby academic field where prestige is terribly important. The PGR is a welcome breath of fresh air, and is an invaluable resource for prospective and current students as well as professional philosophers for providing an overview of the field (as objectively as is probably possible). Whenever I mention it to people in other fields, they invariably remark that they wish their field had a similar ranking. Being at CUNY, particularly —we were mentioned in the CHE article— the PGR is of central importance to how I will be perceived when I go on the market for jobs in 3+ years.


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