Good news for architecture from the WTC site

It looks like the architecture of not all the new WTC buildings will be botched: Built to Be Noticed, and to Return the Favor. I can't decide if I like it until I see it, but it looks like an interesting attempt to deal with a difficult architectural problem. Even if they turn out badly, I'm a HUGE fan of buildings that try.

UPDATE: . . . Quickly followed by bad news: New Design for Freedom Tower Calls for 200-Foot Pedestal —boring, boring, boring! I recognize there are security concerns —though I'm inclined to think they're over-hyped— but the real problem with this building is David Childs and how he chose to address them. Almost from the beginning of the "rebuilding" process it was clear that architecture would take a back seat to politics and the interests of the developer, so I suppose that at this point I should just expect this sort of thing, but it grates anyway.


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