HaMivtar fundraiser

So last week Thursday, Rav Brovender was in town and had a fundraiser for HaMivtar. The goal is to raise a large sum of money in order to hire someone to handle alumni relations/development and recruit, which is much needed. I decided to go, despite the fact that I don't really have funds to contribute. (I gave what I could.) I was a little shocked at how few people came: about a dozen in total, none from my time there. This has got me feeling a bit resentful, since there are quite a few people from my time that actually have jobs. Now I've heard that not everyone got the announcement — which really shows how badly they need a person to handle alumni stuff — but it bothers me that more people didn't make an appearance, even if they couldn't give much. Anyway, if anyone wants to give, I'm sure you can e-mail the HaMivtar office and they'll steer you in the right direction: office@yhol.org.il Every little bet will help.

Seeing the Rach Bee has got me thinking about Israel and Torah —basically about when I'll be able to get back to Yeshiva. I really want to make sure I make it back before I go on the market for jobs —the cost will be too high at that point— so I will have make it out before then. If I can find the money somewhere (perhaps once I've started teaching in addition to my fellowship), I'd like to spend at least a summer or two learning. For now, it's nice to feel that need to be learning again —hopefully I can turn that into some substantial learning over this summer (along with a job and philosophy).

BTW, for those that are interested, Matthew Mintz has been doing a lot of work on the HaMivtar web site, and there's now a substantial collection of audio shiurim available. Rav Brovender's parsha shiur on Shelach is just about the funniest things ever by the way; he gave it just before I left the Yeshiva — it was a nice memory to take with me as I left.


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