Mac software I use

Since it came up in conversation tonight, I'm finally getting around to posting a list of useful Mac software that I use and would recommend, with handy-dandy commentary. In no particular order:

  • LaunchBar — The way I do just about everything, basically; you should too. (QuickSilver is similar, but wasn't as good last time I tried it; OTOH it's free.)
  • NewsFire — Best interface of all the RSS/Atom readers; not as many features as some, but it's a joy to use.
  • OmniWeb — Thumbnails beat tabs anyday! Not the fastest or most up to date, but lots of other nice features (custom site prefs, workspaces, auto-save while browsing, etc.) and a great interface.
  • OmniOutliner Pro — Simple, versatile, easy to use. (I'd use OmniGraffle to, if I had the need.)
  • OmniDictionary — Handy free little program to access online dictionaries; it works.
  • Nisus Thesaurus — Thesaurus using a columns-style browser interface.
  • Mellel — Best of the non-Word word-processors: strong on styles and structure, rapidly developing, great support and interaction with developers (see the Forum and Yahoo! Group), meets my needs really well.
  • MacJournal (v2.6.1 — last free version, still available) — Simple journal program.
  • SubEthaEdit — My choice in text editors.
  • TextWrangler — My 2nd choice in text editors.
  • Bookends — Pretty good reference manager: integrates with Mellel (look for discount pricing if you own Mellel), seems to fit my needs well enough, responsive developer and support, but the interface could be better.
  • Goban — Go! native in Cocoa for the Mac.
  • BitTorrent — Yay for legal concert downloads!
  • RPN Calculator — I liked this best of the various RPN calculators for the Mac. Essential for those of us who can use a normal calculator anymore.
  • VLC — Plays video files.
  • TinkerTool — Handy hidden options for OS X.
  • FinkCommander — A GUI for Fink.
  • Jewish Calendar — Nothing special but זה מה שיש!
  • Address Book Exporter — Exports Apple's Address Book to some useful formats, including one that can be imported into Yahoo!'s Address Book feature. (It will export files with hebrew characters is UTF-16, IIRC, so you'll need to convert to UTF-8 and possible remove the offending characters before Yahoo! will import the contacts.)


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