Summer has always been a bit difficult for me. I'm the sort of person who does well when I'm active and have a lot of stimulation coming in from the outside. So when summer comes along and the semester (or at least finals) are over, and I have no classes to go to, no immediate deadlines to keep me plugging away, and little intellectual stimulation forcing itself upon me, I get into a funk ...or maybe it's a heat induced malaise.

This year has been no different. I had a really good year — at least I feel pretty good about it, although there were plenty of negative things that happened (not to do with school mostly) that I just refused to let get to me. After final exams were over I was thoroughly burnt out, took a few days off to recover, and promptly got sick for a week (probably from running myself ragged the previous month), which is guaranteed to get me feeling lousy psychologically too. Then came the shabbat–shavuot–shabbat hit-parade, which was time-consuming, distracting, and tiring in its own way (cooking, cooking and more cooking). In the midst of all this I've been looking for part-time work, which is a demoralizing experience right up there with applying to grad school. (It's disheartening to find out how far years of education don't get you.) And, in general, I've been going through school withdrawal. (Thankfully, I've had Ph.D. to help me through it. There's nothing to pick you up quite like identifying with really pathetic comic book characters!)

But, things are looking up! As of a few hours ago, I have a job; it looks like I'll be a Morning TV Ad Analyst for IAG Research (yes, they have a .net domain; yes, they should be a .com; yes, this annoys me). If you know my usual schedule (or merely guess it from time-stamp on a typical post), you may be wondering about that "Morning" bit. Well, it's quite funny really (though probably not for me): "Morning" is a reference to the morning show time-slot, so the hours are 6:45AM to 10:30AM. This means being up by not much after 5AM! Yay. In truth, I really have enjoyed being on an up–really–early schedule when I've done it in the past, so hopefully I'll appreciate this too (and davening on the subway!), but it's going to be a hell of a transition. And for all that, between the hours and the pay, I'll barely be able to cover rent with what I make, if that. Better than nothing though, that's for sure! Mostly I'm just happy to have job hunting done with, and to have found something which involves actual thought, if not creativity.

Also positive is that I just (as in at 4:15AM while lying in bed trying to sleep) got a clue about the term paper I need to write for Jonathan Adler's course on belief which I took last semester. Got up and typed up a string of notes. This should be enough direction to guide me as I work through the details. I think this was the first decent philosophical thought I've had in three weeks. Yayliness.


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