Central Park is great...

...if you live near it. I, on the other hand, live near Fort Washington and Highbridge Parks, both of which get a mention in this article:
Parks Even the Parks Dept. Won't Claim
Thankfully, the New York Restoration Project has taken on the task of doing something about it. The Park Department's attitude, revealed in this article, shows why the intervention of a private foundation is required to change the status quo. In case you were wondering, this sort of thing is not a problem in Chicago.

In fairness, we do have Fort Tryon and Inwood Hill Parks nearby which are in better shape, though the path in the latter which leads up to the Henry Hudson Bridge pedestrian walkway needs a good clearing — it's overgrown but passable in an 'I hope none of this is poison ivy' sort of way (a sign telling you it leads to the bridge would be handy too!).

On an unrelated topic, this is another worthwhile article from the Times. To my intrained eye, it looks like there are a raft of constitutional issues at stake. It will be interesting to see how this develops.


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