CUNY Philosophy Hiring News

From the Leiter Reports:
Martin Davies (philosophy of mind), formerly Wilde Reader in Mental Philosophy at Oxford before he moved to the Australian National University in 2000, has now accepted the Wilde Professorship of Mental Philosophy at Oxford, to start not later than October 2006.  Professor Davies has also declined the offer of the Kornblith Chair from the City University of New York Graduate Center.
(He was a repeat visiting professor at the Graduate Center as well.)

This is not terribly surprising news and, I must say, I'm not disappointed by it personally. Prof. Davies work was not of much interest to me, and I would not derive much benefit from another faculty member working in philosophy of mind and cognitive science. My feeling is that CUNY's needs at the moment are in two areas: someone working in, or at least very familiar with, contemporary metaphysics; someone to help replace the loss of Paul Horwich in philosophy of language. Regardless of field, what I believe CUNY needs most of all is younger hires who are energetic, eager to engage with students and be a presence in the department, and who are seized of current and emerging topics/problems in their fields. CUNY is unusual in that full-time faculty at the Graduate Center are predominantly older—this is not a criticism!—while younger faculty are shared with the various CUNY colleges are so are not a major presence at the Graduate Center. I think students would benefit, and the dynamic at the Graduate Center bettered, if this could be redressed somewhat. I'm not sure who would fit the bill, but I will note that Karen Bennett (presently an Assistant Professor at Princeton) made a very good impression on many of us when she gave a talk last year. At the least, she seems to have some of qualities of the sort I think we should be seeking.


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