Happy toughts directed homeward

I was far happier about the Red Sox’ win last year than I am about the White Sox this year: for me the Red Sox’ win was a matter of faith borne out, but the White Sox are about place and personal history. While there was something appropriately revengeful about celebrating the Red Sox’ win in New York, this time I feel proper celebration could only be at home. Too much happiness for the win seems incongruous being in New York.

From here then: Congratulations to Chicago and the Sox!


Anonymous Fritz McDonald said...

The White Sox championship, of course, was brought to the people of Chicago through the kindness and generosity of the New York Yankees and Mr. George M. Steinbrenner III, who were quite happy to send ace pitcher Jose Contreras and cash ($3 million!) to the ChiSox for Esteban Loaiza and a bag of balls; and also were unwilling to offer more than a one year contract to Orlando Hernandez for reasons I will never understand (once again: Yankee kindness and Yankee generosity), which set up my favorite moment of the entire MLB postseason, when El Duque came in from the pen in Fenway.. Hooray White Sox! See, we agree? Peace at last among Red Sox and Yankees fans.

15 November, 2005 01:20  
Blogger ginsbu said...

To quote Ellen: "No, we don't agree — you're just wrong." ;-P

18 November, 2005 02:22  

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