Misleadingly Seductive?

...or was it “seductively misleading”?

At the end of a pleasant and helpful conversation, that was what one of my profs described me today—well, really just some of the remarks I make, but never mind that—and this was by way of explanation after comparing me to Hilary Putnam! Had this come from anyone else it would have been one of the greater compliments I’ve ever received, but from the prof in question there is no doubt it was (good natured) criticism—no great fan of Putnam he. Even so I rather like the sound of “misleadingly seductive”—how often do I get called “seductive” of any kind, after all, misleading or otherwise.

So, a fair characterization? (Be nice now.)


Blogger R. Scott Buchanan said...

I just thought you were a tease. :)

Seriously, though, there's something to be said for having one of Putnam's detractors seeing some of him in your work, even if your prof doesn't see this as a compliment.

18 November, 2005 09:45  

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