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Suzanne posted the sad news:
Megabite, located on 38th st, between 5th and 6th aves, and home to many Washington Heights residents at lunchtime is losing its hashgacha next week. I am sad. I wrote a blog about it: http://www.susqhb.blogspot.com and also started a petition for you to sign: http://www.petitiononline.com/megabite/petition.html to keep it kosher!
Megabite was one of the very few kosher pizza places in NYC that I think is worth eating at. If you have any sense of taste, I know you agree, so stop by and let them know how you feel, and sign the petition!

CLARIFICATION: Just to be clear, according to the information passed to me, Megabite is loosing it's hashgacha due to a change in ownership, not due to any violation of kashrut standards. Apparently, The Vaad of Flatbush, which has been giving their hashgacha, only certifies jewish owed establishments, and Megabite has now been sold to a non-Jew. The aim in publicizing Megabite's impending loss of hashgacha is to gather support sufficient to convince the new ownership to acquire a new hashgacha, thus keeping Megabite kosher.

UPDATE: I went to Megabite today to partake in a final slice, and it's looks definite that they won't be kosher after tomorrow. I was told that the place was bought by Koreans (I don't know if that means they're going to switch it over to Korean food too), but if they don't keep it kosher from the outset it will probably be too much of a bother for them to rekasher the place later. Too bad...


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