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Blogger R. Scott Buchanan said...

Holy crap, you expect people to travel back in time to attend this thing!?!

31 August, 2006 14:47  
Blogger ginsbu said...

Yeepers! That's a big slip-up!

Thanks for catching it so quickly, Scott!

31 August, 2006 15:08  
Blogger Zev said...

So this thing is going down at a Conservative synagogue?

06 September, 2006 17:55  
Blogger ginsbu said...

Yup. Unfortunately, Cheryl's family is from LI and wants to have the wedding there, where this sort of thing is normal, even the default. (Most of the catering halls masquerading as shuls are under orthodox hashgacha, in this case the Star-K.) Let's just say it isn't what I would have chosen to do.

Anyway, halachically, there are factors which cut both ways, so it isn't clear whether it is better or worse to get married in a conservative synagogue versus an orthodox one (the other major option on LI).

06 September, 2006 19:10  
Blogger Zev said...

I think you know my concern mostly rests in the former remark.

11 September, 2006 15:27  
Blogger Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

mazal tov & mabrouk!

18 October, 2006 17:46  
Blogger Zev said...

Will Blain Gritch ever return?

24 January, 2007 23:38  
Blogger ginsbu said...

You may rely on it.

25 January, 2007 09:20  

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