Good news for CUNY Philosophy

From the Leiter Reports:
Prinz from North Carolina to CUNY Grad Center

Jesse Prinz (philosophy of mind, cognitive science, moral psychology), one of the leading figures working at the intersection of philosophy and cognitive science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has accepted appointment as Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, where he will start in January 2009. With Prinz and David Rosenthal, among others, CUNY will be a major center for philosophy and cognitive science.

In addition, Jeffrey Blustein (bioethics) at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine has accepted a senior position at City College, and will also be appointed at the Graduate Center, where he will teach a seminar once every year or so.

It is probably worth pointing out, for the benefit of prospective students, that CUNY has in the last few years seen a dramatic improvement in its financial aid packages for PhD students, such that they are now highly competitive with the best private universities. For a long time, relatively weak financial aid was an obstacle for many students in considering CUNY, but that has now changed. With the recent success in faculty recruitment--besides Prinz, also Noel Carroll and Graham Priest just recently, as well as Alan Berger, Saul Kripke, Stephen Neale, and Catherine Wilson in the last few years--on top of longtime faculty strengths (in areas like logic, philosophy of language and mind, and applied ethics), CUNY is poised to be competitive at the top ranks of U.S. philosophy programs. (The program will surely rank in the top 20 in the fall PGR surveys, and perhaps higher.
I, for one, and looking forward to riding the rising tide of our rankings.


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